• Basic league information.

The majority of coaches at FieldhouseUSA are parent volunteers. Be aware that when registering your child for a league sport, that you might be contacted to volunteer to coach for your child’s team. Once you have registered your child for a league sport, you will hear about your child’s placement after registration closes. All coaches are required to complete a background check and get a coaches ID from FieldhouseUSA. This ID must be worn to all FieldhouseUSA league games and practices. Replacement ID’s are subject to a reprint fee.

  • It is my child’s first time playing sports at FieldhouseUSA. What is more beneficial, training or league play?

FieldhouseUSA training provides a participant the opportunity to develop and sharpen their skills for league play. Training sessions are offered year-round and are bundled into session packages. Please contact your local FieldhouseUSA to discover what trainings are offered and when.

FieldhouseUSA sports leagues are offered year-round for both youth and adults. League play provides the opportunity for a participant to be placed on a team that will compete against other teams. All skill levels are accepted for league play.

  • What do I need to rent a court?

To be able to rent a court with FieldhouseUSA, you will need to provide the following information at the time of booking: Name, Valid Email address, Valid working phone number, billing address, date of birth, and a form of payment. We do NOT hold court space. The rental must be paid in full at the time of booking to rent the space. We accept credit card, cash, and check as forms of payment. If calling in to rent a court, full payment must be made over the phone. Please contact your local FieldhouseUSA for availability and court rental rates.

  • What equipment is provided for court rentals?

FieldhouseUSA will provide the court and the baskets or nets needed for basketball or volleyball. We do not provide balls, pinnies, cones, or any other equipment for your rental.

  • What if I lost something while at FieldhouseUSA?

When items are found or turned into a FieldhouseUSA employee the item is kept at the front desk. If you think you lost something while at FieldhouseUSA, feel free to contact your local FieldhouseUSA to see if it was found. Please note, lost and found items are cleaned out on a weekly basis so do not delay in trying to locate your item.

  • What does my child wear while participating inĀ activities at FieldhouseUSA?

Depending on the sport or event you are participating in at FieldhouseUSA will ultimately determine what you should wear. Basic guidelines are athletic clothes (shorts and t-shirt) and shoes (no cleats).

  • FieldhouseUSA Refund Policy.

All refunds are subject to an administration fee. However, once registration has closed or the training sessions have begun, no refunds will be given. We are also not able to apply your registration to a future league, training, or camp. If you have further questions, please contact your local FieldhouseUSA.

  • Is there a membership fee to join?

No. There is not a membership fee to join FieldhouseUSA.

  • Are there showers or locker rooms available?

No. FieldhouseUSA does not provide locker rooms or showers.

  • Is there open gym time?

No. Courts are available for rent, but FieldhouseUSA does not offer an open gym time.